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11 kay plans to add doors to its product line and anticipates that they will average 4300453


11) Kay plans to add doors to its product line and anticipates that they will average 5 doors per day. Each door takes 12 minutes to install.


What is the average waiting time, in minutes, if Kay continues to be the only worker?

A) 60.0 minutes

B) 390.0 minutes

C) 96.5 minutes

D) 720.0 minutes


Answer the following questions using the information below:


The tool crib at a large manufacturing company is responsible for providing tools to the factory workers on demand. The tool crib has a variable demand. Historically, its demand has ranged from 300 to 500 small tools per day with an average of 400. Diane, the tool crib attendant, works eight hours a day, five days a week. Each order is for one small tool and each small tool takes Diane 1 minute to retrieve from the bins.


12) What is the average waiting time, in minutes?

A) 1

B) 1.5

C) 2.5

D) 3.5

C) Waiting minutes = [400 × (1 squared)] / {[2 × [480 minutes per day – (400  x 1)]} = 2.5 minutes

13) What is the cycle time for an order?

A) 1 minutes per tool

B) 1.5 minutes per tool

C) 2.5 minutes per tool

D) 3.5 minutes per tool


14) Diane has been asked to consider plans to add the retrieval of larger tooling fixtures to her duties. She anticipates that there would be an average of 12 tooling fixtures per day requested. Each tooling fixture would take Diane 4 minutes to retrieve.


What is the average waiting time, in minutes, if Diane continues to be the only worker that would retrieve the small tools as well as the larger tooling fixtures?

A) 3.50 minutes

B) 7.00 minutes

C) 9.25 minutes

D) 64.00 minutes


15) Two common operational measures of time are customer-response time and manufacturing lead time.

16) Customer-response time is a measure of how long it takes for the customer to return a call.


17) Manufacturing lead time is the sum of waiting time and manufacturing time for an order.


18) Two important drivers of time are limited capacity and bottlenecks.


19) The average waiting time is the average amount of time an order will wait at the company's shipping office before it is sent to the customer.


20) Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency (MCE) = Value-added Manufacturing Time divided by Manufacturing Cycle Time



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