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11 the term quot financial asset quot is synonymous with the term quot cash equivale 4298163



11. The term “financial asset” is synonymous with the term “cash equivalent.” 


12. Cash equivalents are the most liquid of assets. 


13. A credit memoranda from a bank indicates that they have decreased the depositor's cash balance. 


14. U.S. Treasury bills that mature within six months are cash equivalents. 


15. A company with more than one bank checking account should show more than one account for Cash in its balance sheet. 


16. The amount of cash that should appear on the balance sheet is equal to the amount of cash on deposit, plus currency, coin, and customers' checks on hand, minus the balance of the Cash Over and Short account. 


17. Financial assets describe not just cash, but all assets that are easily and directly convertible into known amounts of cash, except marketable securities. 


18. Restricted cash may be available to meet the normal operating needs of a company. 


19. A compensating balance is often required by a bank as a condition for granting a loan. 


20. An unrealized gain on available-for-sale securities will increase shareholders' equity. 



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