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141. Financial reporting of net losses and retained earnings
A recent annual report of Dobbs, Inc., reported a net loss of approximately $63 million and retained earnings of approximately $1.6 billion.
(a) Which financial statement shows computation of the $63 million net loss?
(b) Which financial statement includes the retained earnings figure of $1.6 billion?
(c) Explain how it is possible for Dobbs to report both a net loss of $63 million and retained earnings of $1.6 billion in a single set of financial statements.


142. What's so “preferred” about preferred stocks?
Most preferred stocks do not have voting power, a basic right of common stock. Identify at least two features of most preferred stocks that justify or support use of the term preferred in describing these types of stock issues.

143. Factors affecting the market price of stocks
(a) Murdock Corporation has outstanding several different stock issues. For each of the types of stock listed below, briefly describe a situation or circumstance that would cause the market price of that type of stock to increase.
Preferred stock
Common stock
Convertible preferred stock
(b) How would the increase in market value of any of Murdock's stock be reflected in Murdock's financial statements?




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