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149 match the following terms with the definitions 1 the interest rate that borrower 4296220


149.Match the following terms with the definitions.  

1. The interest rate that borrowers are willing to pay and lenders are willing to accept for a particular bond at its risk level.              Term bonds             

2. Bonds that are scheduled for maturity on one specified date.Coupon bonds

3. Bonds that are backed by the issuer's general credit standing.Market rate

4. Bonds with interest coupons attached to their certificates; the bondholders detach the coupons when they mature and present them to a bank or broker for collection.              Bond indenture             

5. An obligation requiring a series of periodic payments to the lender.Convertible bonds             

6. Bonds that can be exchanged by the bondholders for a fixed number shares of the issuing corporation's common stock.              Bearer bonds             

7. An accounting method that allocates interest expense over the bonds' life in a way that yields a constant rate of interest.              Installment note             

8. Bonds that mature at more than one date and are usually paid over a number of periods.Unsecured bonds             

9. The contract between the bond issuer and the bondholders; it identifies the rights and obligations of the parties.              Serial bonds             

10. Bonds that are payable to whoever holds them; also called unregistered bonds.Effective interest rate method             



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