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163. Below are two independent sets of transactions for Welcott Company:

(1)  Welcott provides its employees with varying amounts of vacation per year, depending on the length of employment.  The estimated amount of the current year’s vacation pay is $78,000.  Journalize the adjusting entry required on January 31, the end of the first month of 2010, to record the accrued vacation pay.

(2)  Welcott maintains a defined contribution pension plan for its employees.  The plan requires quarterly installments to be paid to the funding agent, Northern Trust, by the fifteenth of the month following the end of each quarter.  Assuming that the pension cost is $119,600 for the quarter ended December 31, journalize entries to record (a) the accrued pension liability on December 31 and (b) the payment to the funding agent on January 15. 



164. Ecco Company sold $150,000 of kitchen appliances during September under a 6 month warranty.  The cost to repair defects under the warranty is estimated at 6% of the sales price.  On October 15 a customer required a $200 part replacement, plus $85 labor under the warranty.

Provide the journal entry for (a.) the estimated expense on September 30 and (b.) the October 15 warranty work. 

165. Florida Keys Construction installs swimming pools. They calculate that warranty obligations are 3% of gross sales. For the year just ending Florida Keys’ gross sales were $1,450,000. Due to previous quarter recognitions, the Warranty Liability account has a credit balance of $28,700. Determine the year’s total warranty liability and journalize any necessary value to establish the year’s liability at December 31st. 




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