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167.Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) demands that companies safeguard inventory and properly report it. List methods that companies should use to safeguard inventory and accounting procedures that should be used to properly report inventory. 

168.The company's inventory manager receives compensation that includes a bonus based on gross profit. You discover that the inventory manager has knowingly overstated ending inventory by $2 million. What effect does this error have on the financial statements of the company and specifically gross profit? Why would the manager knowingly overstate ending inventory? Would this be considered an ethics violation? 

169.Mary's Antiques does not have its own retail location, instead maintains inventory in its warehouse and sells merchandise through Oldtime Antique Mall. Oldtime does not assume responsibility for goods until they are sold to customers at which time it takes a commission for items sold and sends the sale proceeds to Mary's. Identify which company has the role of the consignor and the consignee. Which company should include any unsold goods as part of its inventory? 

170.What advantages does a perpetual inventory system have over periodic inventory system?  

171.Patrick Randall of Sports Supplies finds that maintaining appropriate levels of inventories while controlling costs is a major challenge. What are the challenges Patrick refers to? 



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