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171 what type of business stakeholders are the following identify them as capital ma 4297272


171. What type of business stakeholders are the following? Identify them as Capital Market Stakeholders, Product or Service Market Stakeholders, Government Stakeholders, or Internal Stakeholders.


Payroll Manager




President’s Secretary


Internal Revenue Service


Raw Material Vendors




Social Security Administration


Health Insurance Provider



172. Determine the missing amount for each of the following:

  Assets     Liabilities      Stockholders' Equity



$35,000$  7,000(c)

173. Indicate whether each of the following represents an asset, liability, or stockholders' equity:

(a)accounts payable

(b)wages expense


(d)accounts receivable



174. Identify each of the following as an (1) increase in stockholders' equity, or a (2) decrease in stockholders' equity.

(a)Fees Earned

(b)Wages Expense


(d)Lawn Care Revenue


(f)Supplies Expense

175. Selected transactions completed by a corporation are described below. Indicate the effects of each transaction on assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity by inserting “+” for increase and “-” for decrease in the appropriate columns at the right. If appropriate, you may insert more than one symbol in a column. If there is no change in the column, leave it blank.

  A     L     SE

(a)Received cash from stockholder as an additional investment_______________

(b)Purchased supplies on account_______________

(c)Paid rent for the current month_______________

(d)Received cash for services sold to customers_______________

(e)Returned some defective supplies purchased in (b)_______________

(f)Paid insurance premiums in advance_______________

(g)Paid cash to creditor for purchases in (b)_______________

(h)Charged customers for services sold on account_______________

(i)Paid cash to a customer as a refund for an overcharge_______________

(j)Received cash on account from customers_______________

(k)Dividends paid_______________

(l)Recorded the cost of supplies used during the year_______________

(m)Received invoice for electricity used_______________

(n)Paid wages_______________

(o)Purchased a truck for cash_______________


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