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175 selected information from richards company 39 s flexible budget is presented bel 4295909


175.Selected information from Richards Company's flexible budget is presented below:

176.Hatter, Inc. allocates fixed overhead at a rate of $17 per direct labor hour. This amount is based on 90% of capacity or 3,600 direct labor hours for 6,000 units. During July, Hatter produced 5,500 units. Budgeted fixed overhead is $66,000, and overhead incurred was $67,000.


Determine the volume variance for July.  

177.Gleason Company has developed the following standard cost data based on 60,000 direct labor hours, which is 75% of capacity. Fixed overhead is $360,000 and variable overhead is $180,000 at this level of activity.

178.Naches Co. assigned direct labor cost to its products in May for 1,300 standard hours of direct labor at the standard $8 per hour rate. The direct labor rate variance for the month was $200 favorable and the direct labor efficiency variance was $150 favorable. Prepare the journal entry to charge Work in Process Inventory for the standard labor cost of the goods manufactured in May and to record the direct labor variances. Assuming that the direct labor variances are immaterial, prepare the journal entry that Naches would make to close the variance accounts.  

31Direct Labor Rate Variance200

179.Firenze Company's fixed budget for the first quarter of the calendar year appears below. Prepare flexible budgets that show variable costs per unit, fixed costs and two different flexible budgets for sales volumes of 22,000 and 24,000.



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