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185 calculate cost of goods sold for the following two companies lewis inc mercer co 4296102


185.Calculate Cost of Goods Sold for the following two companies:


Beginning Inventory:


Finished Goods$550,000

Cost of Goods Purchased460,000

Cost of Goods Manufactured688,000

Ending Inventory:


Finished Goods350,000

186.The Tacky Company manufactures staples. Costs for October were direct labor, $84,000; indirect labor, $36,700; direct materials, $55,900; factory maintenance, $4,800; factory utilities, $3,200; and insurance on plant and equipment, $700. What is Tacky Company's factory overhead for October?  

187.The Langston Company manufactures coats. Costs for February were as follows:

188.Information for Maxim Manufacturing is presented below. Compute both the cost of goods manufactured and the cost of goods sold for Maxim Manufacturing.

Beginning raw materials inventory$36,800

Beginning work in process inventory21,200

Direct labor81,000

Beginning finished goods inventory64,000

Total factory overhead126,000

Raw materials purchased21,500

Ending raw materials inventory40,000

Ending work in process inventory20,000

Ending finished goods inventory46,000




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