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21 all of the following are parts of the internal control characteristic referred to 4300703

21) All of the following are parts of the internal control characteristic referred to as separation of duties except separation of:

A) external auditors from accounting.

B) duties within the accounting function.

C) the custody of assets from accounting for those assets.

D) operations from accounting.


22) Persons who authorize transactions should not handle the related asset. This is an example of which characteristic of internal control?

A) competent, reliable, and ethical personnel

B) assignment of responsibilities

C) proper authorization

D) separation of duties


23) Which of the following auditors are employees of the business?

A) income tax auditors

B) internal auditors

C) insurance auditors

D) external auditors


24) Two or more employees working together to defraud a company is referred to as:

A) team work.

B) collusion.

C) embezzlement.

D) fraud.

25) One method of achieving confidentiality in e-commerce is:

A) using an anti-computer-virus device.

B) deleting firewalls.

C) encryption.

D) using passwords.


26) A ________ limits access to a local network.

A) computer-virus device

B) marker

C) firewall

D) point-of-sale terminal


27) All of the following are pitfalls of E-commerce except:

A) stolen credit card numbers.

B) computer viruses.

C) reduced credit limits.

D) phishing.


28) All of the following are documents used to control a bank account except a(n):

A) bank reconciliation.

B) signature card.

C) invoice.

D) deposit ticket.

29) The three parties to a cheque are the:

A) maker, payee, and bank.

B) bank, maker, and payor.

C) signer, depositor, and endorser.

D) bank, payee, and the government.


30) The cheques that have been paid by the bank on behalf of the depositor and included with the bank statement are called:

A) outstanding cheques.

B) deposited cheques.

C) cancelled cheques.

D) cheques in transit.




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