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91. Which ratio measures the percentage of company's assets that are financed by debt? 
A. Debt to equity
B. Asset turnover
C. Debt to assets ratio
D. Return on investment

92. Which of the following statements about financial statement analysis is incorrect? 
A. In horizontal percentage analysis, an item from the financial statements is expressed as a percentage of the same item from a previous year's financial statements.
B. The reason behind a financial statement ratio or percentage analysis result is usually self evident and does not require further study or analysis.
C. Horizontal analysis for several years can be done by choosing one year as a base year and calculating increases or decreases in relation to that year.
D. Vertical analysis compares two or more financial statement items within the same time period.

93. Which of the following statements is correct? 
A. The most widely quoted measure of a company's earnings performance is return on equity.
B. Earnings per share is calculated for a company's preferred stock.
C. Investors need to understand that the value of a company's earnings per share is affected by its choices of accounting principles and assumptions.
D. The book value per share measures the market value of a corporation's stock.

94. Which of the following statements about financial statements is incorrect? 
A. The net margin ratio is a profitability ratio.
B. The debt to assets ratio is a liquidity ratio.
C. The current ratio is a liquidity ratio.
D. The dividend yield is a stock market ratio.

95. Which of the following is not included in the computation of the quick ratio? 
A. Inventory
B. Cash
C. Accounts receivable
D. Marketable securities

96. Which ratio compares the earnings per share of a company to the market price for a share of the company's stock? 
A. Return on equity
B. Dividend yield
C. Book value per share
D. Price-earnings ratio

97. Grey Corporation had sales of $3,000,000, cost of sales of $2,200,000, and average inventory of $500,000. What was Grey's inventory turnover ratio for the period? 
A. 1.6 times
B. 4.4 times
C. 6 times
D. 23 times



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