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fill in the blank questions 203 bonds have specific assets of the issuing company 4296205


Fill in the Blank Questions

203._______________ bonds have specific assets of the issuing company pledged as collateral. 

204.______________ bonds are bonds that are scheduled for maturity on one specified date. 

205._______________ bonds are bonds that mature at more than one date, often in a series, and thus are usually repaid over a number of periods. 

206.____________________ bonds reduce a bondholder's risk by requiring the issuer to create a fund of assets set aside as specified amounts and dates to repay the bonds. 

207.Bonds payable to whoever holds them are called _________________ bonds. 

208._____________________ bonds can be exchanged for a fixed number of shares of the issuing corporation's common stock. 

209.___________________ bonds have an option exercisable by the issuer to retire them at a stated dollar amount prior to maturity. 

210.The legal document identifying the rights and obligations of both the bondholders and the issuer is called the ____________________________________. 

211.An ________________________________ is an obligation requiring a series of payments to the lender. 

212.When applying equal total payments to a note, with each payment the amount applied to the note principal ____________ while the interest expense for the note _____________.  



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