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i can get mickey to download any data i need from the web or our server to my pc de 4236399

“I can get Mickey to download any data I need from the Web or our server to my PC,” DeWitt Miwaye, an upper-level manager for Yumtime Foods (a Midwest food wholesaler), tells you. “Getting data is no problem. What I don’t want are a lot of reports. I’d rather get into the data myself.” Miwaye goes on to tell you that as an executive, he doesn’t use his PC as often as he’d like, maybe only three times a month, but he has some very specific ideas about what he’d like to do with it. “I’d like to be able to make some comparisons myself. I could compare the turnover rate for all 12 of our warehouses. I’d also like to see how effectively the capacity of each of our warehouses is being used. Sometimes I’d like to be able to graph the comparisons or see a chart of them over time.”In three paragraphs, compare three different types of interfaces that Miwaye could use. Then recommend one interface for his use that takes into account his infrequent use of the PC, his enjoyment of working with raw data, and his desire to see data displayed in a variety of ways.View Solution:
I can get Mickey to download any data I need

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