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prepare a classified balance sheet in good form no monetary amounts are to be shown 4240922

Prepare a classified balance sheet in good form. (No monetary amounts are to be shown). Presented below is a list of accounts in alphabetical order.Accounts ReceivableAccrued WagesAccumulated Depreciation – buildingsAccumulated Depreciation – EquipmentAdvances to EmployeesAdvertising ExpensesAllowance for Doubtful AccountsBond Sinking fundBonds PayableBuildingCash in BankCash on HandCash Surrender Value of Life InsuranceCommission ExpenseCommon StockCopyrightDividends PayableEquipmentGain on Sale of EquipmentInterest PayableInventory – BeginningInventory – EndingLandLand for Future Plant SaleLoss from FloodNotes Payable (due next year)PatentPayroll Taxes PayablePension ObligationsPetty CashPreferred StockPremium on Bonds PayablePaid-in Capital in Excess of Par – Preferred StockPrepaid RentPurchasesPurchase Returns and AllowancesRetained EarningsSalesSales DiscountsSales SalariesTrading SecuritiesTransportation-inTreasury Stock (at cost)Unearned Subscriptions RevenueView Solution:
Prepare a classified balance sheet in good form No monetary

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