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question 1000 points exercise 119 dividends on common and cumulative preferred stock 4285150


1000 points Exercise 119 Dividends on common and cumulative preferred stock Lo C2 Yorks outstanding stock consists of 52.000 shares of cumulative 9 00% preferred stock with a $10 par value and also 130,000 shares ofcommon stock with a$1 par value. During its frst four years of operation, the corporation dedared and paid the following total cash dividends 2015 37,000 41,175 121 800 Determine the amount of dividends paid each year to each of the two dasses of stockholders assuming that combined aumulative. Also the total dividends paid to each dass for the four years (Round your Dividend per Preferred Share” answers to 2 decimal places.) Dividend per Number of Share Annual Pelemed Dividend Share Shares Total cash Dividends in Dividend paid Preferred Common Arrears at year-end 41,175

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