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question 18 carr on retires its face value of 1 following the payment of interest ca 4284469


18. Carr on retires its face value of 1, following the payment of interest. carrying the bonds at The the redemption date is entry to record the redemption will include a B) credit on Bond C) debit of $18,725 to Premium on Bonds D) credit of $6.275 to Gain on Bond Redemption debit of $25,000 to Premium on Bonds Payable. 19. en a corporation sells treasury stock below its cost, it usually debits the difference between cost and selling price to Paid-in Capital from Treasury Stock A) True B) False 20. Direct costs incurred to sell stock such as underwriting costs should be accounted for as 1. a reduction of additional paid-in capital. 2, an expense of the period in which the stock is issued 3. an intangible asset. A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 1 or 3

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