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question 2 in general journal form record the december 31 adjusting entries for the 4278806


2. In general journal form, record the December 31 adjusting entries for the following transactions and events. Assume that December 31 is the end of the annual accounting period.

a. The Prepaid Insurance account shows a debit balance of $2,340, representing the cost of a three-year fire insurance policy that was purchased on October 1 of the current year.

b. The Office Supplies account has a debit balance of $400; a year-end inventory count reveals $80 of supplies still on hand.

c. On November 1 of the current year, Rent Earned was credited for $1,500. This amount represented the rent earned for a three-month period beginning November 1.

d. Estimated depreciation on office equipment is $600.

e. Accrued salaries amount to $400.

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