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question 26 the mountain springs water company has two departments purifying and bot 4292519


26. The Mountain Springs water Company has two departments, Purifying and Botting. The ng De had 3,000 liters in beginning work in ventory 30% complete) partment was 5,000 During the period 71,000 work in process (using the ers 70% ers The ending direct materials completed). What are the total units for FIFO method) if materials were added at the process? beginning of the 27. The Bottling Department of Mountain Springs water company had 4,000 liters in beginning work in process inventory (40% complete). During the period, 66,000 liters were completed. The ending work in process inventory was 3,000 liters (70% complete). Using the FIFO method, what are the equivalent units for conversion costs? supervisor 1. True materials, cost of b False function

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