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question 6 million the sneezy village debt service fund accumulates resources to pay 4283231


6 million The Sneezy Village Debt Service Fund accumulates resources to pay its S general obligation debt. over 20 years with 5% interest on the unpaid principal. Prepare journal entries to record The debt is payable in equal annual installments of principal the following transactions in the Debt Service Fund a. The Village levies a special property tax amounting to $1,000,000 to pay debt service on its long-term obligation debt. The proceeds are transferred from the General Fund to the Debt Service Fund. b. The Village pays the fiscal agent its fee of $10,000. c. The Village invests $975,000 in a six-month certificate of deposit. The certificate of deposit in c. matures and the Village receives a total of $999,375, which includes $24,375 of interest. e.The Village sends $720,000 to its fiscal agent in anticipation of paying debt service. f. Debt service (interest of $320,000 and principal of $400,000) becomes due and payable. g. The fiscal agent pays principal and interest to bond holders. h. The Village pays the fiscal agent its fee of $10,000.

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