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85% OO Ooredoo 8:51 AM 2 of 2 P5.4B Caleb Borke, a former disc golf star, operates Caleb's Discorama. At the beginning of the current scason on April 1,the ledger of Caleb's Discorama showed CashS1800, Merchandise The following transactions were completed during April. Apr. 5 Purch m Innova Co. $1,200, FOB Only the journal entires Debit side and The Receival No.401 Sal credit side Instructions (a) (b) Enter the begi ansactions (Use J1 for the journal refer (c) “PS-7A At the beginning of the current season, the ledger of Village Tennis Shop showed Cash $2,500 Merchandise Inventory S1700:and Angie Wilbert Capital S4.200.The following transac- tions were completed during April. Apr. 4 Purchased racquets and balls from Denton Co.S740, terms 310,n/30. 6 Paid freight on Denton Co. purchase S60. 8 Sold merchandise to members S900, terms n/30. 10 Received credit of S40 from Denton Co. for anacquet that was returmed. 11 Purchased tennis shoes from Newbee Sports for cash S300. 13 Paid Denton Co. in full. 14 Purchased tennis shirts and shorts from Venus's Sportswear S600,terms210.nl60. 15 Received cash refund of S50 from Newbee Sports for damaged merchandise that was returned. 17 Paid freight on Venus's Sportswear purchase S30. 18 Sold merchandise to members S1,000, terms n30. 20 Received $500 in cash from members in settlement of their accounts 21 Paid Venus's Sportswear in full. 27 Granted an allowance of S30 to members for tennisclothing that did not fit properly. 30 Received cash payments on account from members SS00.

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