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question analyze the effects of alternative distributions on stockholders 39 equity 4287345


Analyze the effects of alternative distributions on stockholders' equity.

Cash dividends, stock dividends, and stock splits – Excel HOME INSERT PAGE LAYOUTFORMULAS DATA REVIEWVIEW Sign In Calibri A. Alignment Number Conditional Format as Cell Cells Editing Paste Clipboard A1 Formatting Table” Styles Styles At December 31, Artists Unlimited Company had the following 1 At December 31, Artists Unlimited Companv had the following 2 stockholder's equity components that would be part of the balance sheet 100% Stock Dividend $5,000 Cash Dividend for 1 Stock 4 5 Stockholders' Equit 6 Contributed Capital 7 Number of common shares outstanding 8 Par value per common share 9 Common Stock, at par 10Additional Paid in Capital 11Total Contributed Capital 12 Retained Earnings 13 Total Stockholders' Equit At Dec 31 Split 5,000 1.00 5,000 745,000 750,000 980,000 1,730,000

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