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Answer the following questions using the information below: JaneIndustries manufactures plastic toys. During October, Jane'sFabrication Department started work on 10,000 models. During themonth, the company completed 11,000 models, and transferred them tothe Distribution Department. The company ended the month with 1,500models in ending inventory. There were 2,500 models in beginninginventory. All direct materials costs are added at the beginning ofthe production cycle and conversion costs are added uniformlythroughout the production process. The FIFO method of processcosting is being followed. Beginning work in process was 25%complete as to conversion costs, while ending work in process was50% complete as to conversion costs.

Beginning inventory:

Direct materials costs 19200

Conversion costs 10800

Manufacturing costs added during the accounting period:

direct materials costs 70000

conversion costs 240000

What is the amount of direct mateials cost assigned to endingwork-in-process inventory at the end of October?

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