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question at the end of january 2014 the records of donner compony showed the followi 4281123


At the end of January 2014, the records of Donner Compony showed the following for o porticular item that sold ot $15.60 per unit Inventory Jonuory 1 204 640 $2.784 610 3660 Purchase, January 12 170 1,360 Purchase. January 26 10,00 points Required: la. Compute Cost of Goods Sold under each method of nventory: average cast, FIFO, LIFO, and specfic identification. For specific identification, assume that the frst sale was selected from the beginning inventary and the second sae was seected from the January 12 purchase. (Round unit price to 2 decimal places. Input all amounts as positive values Cost of Good Available for Cost of Goods Sold Cost of of Cost per of Units Unit Goods Units Available cost Cost of per Goods Sold for Sale Begiming inventory Purchases: January 12 Cost of Goods Available for Cost of Goods sold FO Cost of Cost per Goods of Cost of Availabl Units Cost per Goods for Sale Sold Unit Sold of Units Begiming inventory January 2 January able for Cost of Goods sold Cost of s of Cost per Goods of Available Cost of Goods Unit Beginning inventory January 28 Cost of Goods so Units Goods Beginning inventory

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