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question c 3 700 5 brickman 39 s ending balance of account receivableiss19 500 use t 4286646


c, $3,700 5. Brickman's ending balance of Account Receivableiss19.500. Use the data in the preceding question to compute the net realizable value of Accounts Receivable at year-end. a. S16,800 b. S19,500 c. S17.400 d. S17.900 6. Which cost is not recorded as part of the cost of a building? a. Real estate commission paid to buy the building b. Construction materials and labor c. Concrete for the building's foundation 7. d, Annual building maintenance year? Which method almost always produces the most depreciation in the first a. Units-of-production b. Straight-line c. Double-declining-balance d. All Produce the same depreciation in the first year 8. The entry to a write-offofan uncollectible account when using the direct write-offmethod involves a record a. Debit to Allowance for Bad lb. Credit to Cash c. Debit to Accounts Receivable d. Debit to Bad Debts Expense 9. At December 31 year-end, crain company has an s8,400 note receivable from a customer. Interest of 10 percent has accrued for 10 months on the note. What will Crain's financial statements report for this situation? a. The balance sheet will report the note receivable of S8,400 and interest receivable ofs700 b. The balance sheet will report the note receivable of s8.400 c. Nothing because the business has not received the cash yet d. The income statement will report a note receivable of S8,400

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