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Calendar …oo 1:13 AM o 57% 7 of 7 Done ng information systems Receivable control Kieschnick Company has a balance in its Accounts on January ledger contains 54,000. Company, S2.500 Freeze Company January, the following receivable-related transactions occurred. Credit Sales Collections Bixler Company $9,000 Cuddyer Company Freeze Company in the Freeze Company subsidiary account? (b) What is the January 31 balance in the control account? (c) Compute the balances in the subsidiary accounts at the end of the month. (d) Which January transaction would not be recorded in a special jourmal? E7-5 Pennington Company has a balance in its Accounts Payable control accoun S9.250 on January 1, 2017. The subsidiary ledger contains three accounts Hale Compats balance S3.000: Janish Comnanv halance SI R75: and Valdez Comnanv numrine

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