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question can someone correct the highlighted portions i 39 ll be sure to rate your a 4280836


Can someone correct the highlighted portions. I'll be sure to rate

Your answer is partially correct Try again These are selected 2017 transactions for Flounder Corporation: Jan Purchased a copyright for $110,750. The copyright has a useful life of 5 years and a remaining legal life of 33 years Mar. Purchased a patent with an estimated useful life of 6 years and a legal life of 20 years 1 for $138,600 Sept. Purchased a small company and recorded goodwill of $153,350. Its useful life is indefinite Prepare a adjusting entries at December 31 to record amortization required by the events (Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually. If no entry is required, select “No Entry” for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts.) Account Titles and Debit credit Date Explanation Dec. 3 Amortization Expense I T 22150 T T 22150 Copyrights (To record amortization of Copyrights) Dec. 31 Amortization Expense 23100 T 23100 Patents (To record amortization of Patents) Dec. 3 No Entry T No Entry (To record amortization of Goodwill)

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