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question d lecture 3 and 4 exercise 4 14 c secure salaries and wages expense july 15 4286180


D Lecture 3 and 4 Exercise 4-14 C Secure Salaries and Wages Expense July 15 uty 31 uly 14 uly 31 ly 31 uty 1 Bal July 10 1,100 Juy 31 Salaries and Wages Payable uy 31 y 20 After analyzing the accounts, journalige the July transactions. (Hnt: ly transactions were for cast ) (Recond journal entries in the order presented in the prabiem. tl no entry is required, select “No Endry” for the account titles and enter O for the amounts, Credit account titles are automatically indevited when the amount is entered. Do not indent maqualily.) Debit

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