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question d wileyplus exercise 9 3 the ledgar of costalio company et the and of the c 4286209


d WileyPLUS Exercise 9-3 The ledgar of Costalio Company et the and of the cument year chows Accounts 31,000 Recevable $145,000, Sales ve $843,08, and Saies Rehurns and Allowances If Costello uses the direct wribe-off methad to account for L. Dole's s2,300 balance is uncollectible. (Credit eccount titios are automatically indented when amount is entered. Do not indent manualy uncollectible accounts, Soumalize the aéjvating entry t December 31, essumisg Cestello dutermines that Date Dex 3 Account Titles and Explanatien Debit ing bad dates m If Allowance for Douben Accounts has a crede te asce of $2.0 in the tral balance, jurnala. t e ad ing try at Decrmer n- expected to be (1) 1% of net sales, and (2) 11% er accounts recevaba. (crede account toes are automaticady indeeded when indent manuaily No. Date Account Titles and Explanation (1) Dx31 (2) Dec. 33 rch 8 0

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