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question department a had 1 000 units in work in process that were 60 completed at t 4286072


Department A had 1,000 units in Work in Process that were 60% completed at the beginning of the period at a cost of $7,000. During the period, 4,000 units of direct materials were added at a cost of $8,200, and 4,500 units were completed. At the end of the period, 500 units were 40% completed. All materials are added at the beginning of the process. Direct labor was $28,700 and factory overhead was $4,510. The cost of the 500 units in process at the end of the period if the first-in, first-out method is used to cost inventories was

a. $3,240

b. $2,607

c. $5,175

d. $2,569

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