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e- c ezto D Apps A Default.aspx A Test Details A Aeries net parent port [The following unformation applies to the questons arsplayed belowl At December 31, 2015. Hawke Company reports the following results for its calendar year Cash sales 1,414,270 Credit sales 3,521,000 In addruonvits unadj trial balance includes the following items Accounts receivable $1066.863 Allowance for doubtful accounts 26.760 debit 2. 2.50 points Required: 1. Prepare the adjusting entry for this company to recognize bad debts under each of the following independent assumptions. a. Bad debts are estimated to be 3% of credit sa b. Bad debts are estimated be 2% of total sales c. An aging analysis estimates that 6% of year-end counts receivable are uncollectible Adjusting entries (all dated December 31. 2015) (Round your final to the nearest whole answers You did not receive


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