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e income statement, the statenient of owners obalance sheet in report form wr.snd the clon Prepare the closing entries, anel post t te ac S. Prepare a post closing trial balance 4A Preparing adjusting entries and reversing entries ed trial balance and uljuesment dats of Manta's Moo 2018, follow D MARTHA'S MOTORS Unadjusted Trial Balance December 31, 2018 Balance DebitCredit Account Title Cash Accounts Receivable Office Supplies Prepaid Insurance Equipment Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment Accounts Payable Wages Payable Unearned Revenue Eaglin, Capital Eaglin, Withdrawals Service Revenue Depreciation ExpenseEquipment Wages Expense Insurance Expense Utilities Expense Supplies Expense Total 4,200 27,200 1,000 2,400 52,400 5 34,600 15,000 7,900 18,500 3,100 17,200 1,600 1,300 93,200 93,200 Adjustment data at December 31, 2018: a. Depreciation on equipment, $2,100. b. Accrued Wages Expense, $1,100. c. Office Supplies on hand, $500 d. Prepaid Insurance expired during December, $600. e. Unearned Revenue carned during December, $4,800, f. Accrued Service Revenue, $1,300. 2019 transactions a. On January 4, Martha's Motors paid wages of $1,900. Of this, $1,100 related to the accrued wages recorded on December 31. Revenue recorded on December 31 b. On January 10, Marthas Motors recived S1,500 for Service Revenue Of this, $1,300 is related to the accrued Service


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