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question google inc 10 k report for fiscal year ending december 31 2015 the report i 4279721


Google Inc. 10-K report for fiscal year ending December 31, 2015.

The report is available here: and type “Google Inc” in the company name box. Select the firm with CIK#0001288776. Select 10-K in the “Filling Type” box.

Answer the following questions: please show work

1) What were A/R write-off in 2015?

2) What was Bad Debt Expense in 2015?

3) What was the total cash collected from customers in 2015? Assume all sales are made on credit, the company provides no allowance for sales retuns, and that no accounts were reinstated and that all sales relate to trade accounts receivable.

4) How would you evaluate the quality of receivables in 2015 compared to

prior years? (note: calculate A/R turnover=Net Sales/Net A/R (not Avg)

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