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question help me finish this problem everything completed up to h on the requirments 4284355


Help me finish this problem. Everything completed up to H. on the requirments picture.

Requirements 1. Compute the following ratios for 2016 and 2015: a. b. c. Current ratio Quick (acid-test) ratio Receivables turnover and days' sales oustanding (DSO) (round to the nearest whole day) d. Inventory turnover and days' inventory outanding (DIO) (round to the nearest whole day) e. Accounts payable turnover and days' payable outstanding (DPO) (use cost of goods sold in the numerator of the turnover ratio and round DPO to the nearest whole day) f. Cash conversion cycle (in days) g. Times-interest-earned ratio h. Return on assets (use DuPont Analysis) i. Return on common stockholders' equity (use DuPont Analysis) . Earnings per share of common stock g. Price-earnings ratio 2. Decide whether (a) Carlton's financial position improved or deteriorated during 2016 and (b) the investment attractiveness of Carlton's common stock appears to have increased or decreased. 3. How will what you learned in this problem help you evaluate an investment? Print Done

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