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question in november 2014 the 3 certificates of deposit matured theface amount of 1 4283666


In November 2014, the 3% certificates of deposit matured; theface amount of $1,000,000 plus interest of $15,000 was collected.The interest is considered revenue of the Street ImprovementFund. 

Required:  Record this transaction inboth the Street Improvement Fund and governmental activitiesjournals.

List of Accounts

Cash, Investments, Taxes Receivable-Sales, Interest Receivableon Investments, Vouchers Payable, Judgements Payable, ContractsPayable, Contracts Payable- Retained Percentage, Fund Balance-Restricted, Encumbrances Outstanding, Revenues, Other FinancingSources-Proceeds of Bonds, Construction Expenditure, InterestExpenditure, Other Financing Uses-Interfund Transfers Out,Encumbrances

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