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question inventory costing methods perpetual method the following information is for 4283523


Inventory Costing Methods-Perpetual Method The following information is for the Bloom Company; the company sells just one product: Units Unit Cost Beginning Inventory an. 1 200 Feb. 11 500 May 18 400 Oct. 23 100 March 1 400 July 1 380 $10 14 16 18 Purchases: Sales: Calculate the value of ending inventory and cost of goods sold using the perpetual method and (a) first-in, first-out, (b) last-in, first-out, and (c) the weighted- average cost methods Do not round until your final answers. Round your final answers to the nearest dollar A. First-in, First-out: Ending Inventory Cost of goods sold B. Last-in, first-out Less: Ending Inventory $ Cost of goods sold C. Weighted Average Less: Ending Inventory$ Cost of goods sold


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