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question labor these costs were accumulated in factons sh ould oxford make to record 4294100


labor. These costs were accumulated in Factons sh ould Oxford make to record the indirect labor used? A) Debit Work in Process Inventory B) Debit F C) Debit Payroll Expense $28,900; credit Cash $28,900. D) Debit E) Debit $28,900; credit Factory Wages Payable $28,900. actory Overhead $4,300; credit Factory Wages Payable $28,900. t Payroll Expense $24,600; credit Factory Wages Payable $28,900. t Work in Process Inventory $24,600; credit Wages Payable $28,900 17) A co mpany has an overhead application rate of 125% of direct labor costs. How much overhead would be allocated to a job if it requi red total labor costing $20,0002 A) S125,000. B) $5,000. C) $25,000. D) $16,000. E) $250,000. 18) Kay yak Company uses a job order costing system and allocates its overhead on the basis abor $30,000; direct materials, $50,000; and factory overhead applied $6,000. The overhea E) 12.0% of direct labor costs. Kayak Company's production costs for the year were: direct l application rate was: A) 20.0%. B)500.0%. C)5.0%. D) 16.7%. 19) The rate established prior to the beginning of a period that uses estimated overhead an allocation factor such as estimated direct labor, and that is used to assign overhea cost to jobs, is the: A) Estimated labor cost rate. B) Overhead variance rate. C) Chargeable overhead rate. D) Predetermined overhead rate. E) Miscellaneous overhead rate


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