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question m ent 110 03 2017 in 2016 the total sales of nb corp were php12 000 000 its 4293782


M, ENT 110 03 2017 In 2016 the total sales of NB Corp were Php12, 000,000. Its gross profit margin was 55% of sales. The fixed expenses incurred in pesos were: Salaries and wages 1,800,000, employees benefits 395,000 transportation expenses 325,000, transportation allowance 231,000, commissions paid 38,500 depreciation and amortizations 150,000, office and pantry expenses 60,000, rent 400,000,repairs and maintenance 330,000; vat and licenses 150,000, telecommunications and utilities 420,000, other expenses 570,000. In addition, its balance sheet showed a liability of Php50, 000 and owner's equity of Php200, 000. a. Prepare an Income Statement following the standard format. b. Solve the NIBT c. Solve NEAT if the tax rate is 30% d. Determine the Net Profit Margin Ratio e. What is the Return on Assets Ratio f. What is the Equity Ratio What is the price earnings per share if 400,000 shares were issued for the value of the given equity? g.

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