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question mini computers purchased a deliery truck 4 years ago for 30 000 currently t 4278783


Mini Computers purchased a deliery truck 4 years ago for $30,000.Currently the accumulated depreciation on the truck is $14,000.Required: Prepare the journal entry to show the sale of the truckassuming the truck is sold for $18,000 on January 1, 2015. **Pleaseadd D after the account name you are debiting and a C after theaccount name you are crediting in a hyphenated fashion. Make sureyou provide the dollar amount after the appropriate account. Youcan type each teansaction on one line. For example, journalize theentry for the purchase of land for $10,000 cash on February 10th.Example solution: February 10 Land-D 10,000 Cash-C 10,000


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