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question module 5 homework continued use complete sentences show and label all work 4293557


Module 5 Homework Continued Use complete sentences Show and label all work to receive any credit for the n 14. Financial Statement Relationships: Below are the financial statements for Snoopy's Doggy Daycare & Kennel. Certain key figures have been left out. Indicate the correct amount needed in each of the blanks by the letter of the blank. Snoopy's Doggy Daycare & Kennel Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 20XX Services Provided Revenue $66,700 Wages Expense Rent Expense $31,500 7.200 700 Supplies Expense Miscellaneous Expense Total Expenses Net Income Snoopy's Doggy Daycare & Kennel Statement of Owner's Equity_ For the Year Ended December 31,20xX $18,000 Capital, January 1 Net Income Less: Withdrawals Increase in Capital Capital, December 31 Snoopy's Doggy Daycare & Kennel Balance Sheet As of December 31,20xX Assets Cash Accounts Receivable Supplies Total Assets $11,000 5.700 $29,700 Liabilities Accounts Payable Notes Payable Total Liabilities Owner's Equity John Q. Public, Capital Total Liabilities& Owner's Equity $2,500 0 Module Homework 5–6

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