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N Academic Tool x Virginia Community Coll X Announcements (Fall 2 x Mi Wiley L-5 C Chegg study I Guide sc x ise T. Google Ch edugen wiley plus co myedugen/ltima Return to Blackboard Wiley PLUS ting, 6e Home Read, Study & Practice Gradehnok A open Assignment INEXT ASSIGNMENT RESOURCES 11-5 Bramble Corp. has 7,300 shares of common stock outstanding. It declares a $1 per share cash dividend on November 1 to stockholders of record on December 1.The dividend is paid on December 3 Prep the terruites uri Lhte PPI dales Lu record the declaraliori arid payrnent ul Lhe cash dividerid. (crediu asccount uitles asre suuonuituically indented when arruount is ered Do urot indent manually. Record jourmal entries in the order presented in the problem, if no entry is required, select “No entry” for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts Click if you would like to Show work for this questio show Mierk INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL Question Attempts: o of 3 used SAVE FOR LATER SUBMIT ANSWFR Copyright 2000-2016 by John Wiley &Sons;, Inc. or related oompanies. All rights reserved All Rights R Version a w3 Ask me any 1/30/2016


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