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New I v Reply v im Delete E Archive Junk l v Sweep Question 8 6 pts on February 3, 2027, Aegeon Industries repurchased 250,000 shares of its outstanding common stock for $18 per share. On June 1, 2027, Aegeon sold 80,500 shares of treasury stock for $12 per share. Then on October 1, 2027, the company sold another 40,000 shares of its treasury stock for $31 per share. Assume there is a $0 (zero) balance in the APIC treasury stock account on January 1, 2027. (APIC means Additional Paid-in Capital). Record the journal entry for February 3, 2027 below. Type your journal entry directly with indentation to indicate credits. Or, you can copy and paste the following table to write your answer. You may or may not need all of the rows in the table. DESCRIPTION CREDIT DEBIT DATE HTML Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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