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question on april 1 2012 kathleen alvarez established an interiordecorating business 4293392


On April 1, 2012, Kathleen Alvarez established an interiordecorating business, Intrex Designs.

During the month, Kathleen completed the following transactionsrelated to the business:

******Journalize each transaction in a two-columnjournal************

24. Received an invoice for truck expenses, to be paid in April,$1,000.

Enter the following transactions on Page 2 of the two-columnjournal.

29. Paid utilities expense, $1,500.

29. Paid miscellaneous expenses, $750.

30. Received cash from customers on account, $7,800.

30. Paid wages of employees, $4,000.

30. Paid creditor a portion of the amount owed for equipmentpurchased on

April 6, $2,500.

30. Withdrew cash for personal use, $2,000.


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