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On July 1, Davidson Corporation had the following capital structure: Common stock $3 par value) 684,000 920,000 Additional paid-in capital Retained earnings 850,000 Treasury stock Required: Complete the table below for each of the two following independent cases: (Round “Par value per share” answers to 2 decimal places.) Case 1: The board of directors declared and issued a 60 percent stock dividend when the stock was selling at $5 per share. Case 2 The board of directors announced a 6-for-5 stock split (i.e., a 20 percent increase in the number of shares). The market price prior to the split was $5 per share Before Dividend After Stock After Stock Items Split and Split Dividend Common stock account Par value per share 3.00 Shares outstanding Additional paid-in capital 920,000 850,000 Retained earnings Total stockholders' equity

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