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question please answer the following questions 1 what is the quick ratio for a 161 r 4277646


Please answer the following Questions:

1.What is the quick ratio for a 161 room hotel that had totalcurrent assets of $304,817, current liabilities of $407,418 and thefollowing current asset composition: cash $218,409 accountsreceivable $18,922, inventory $6,661 and prepaid expenses and other$60,825?

2. What is the net return on assets for a hotel that generatedtotal revenues of $4,076,000 in 2006 based on total assets of$7,694,748? The property's net income was $298,300 with a GOP of$1,892,900. In 2005, the hotel achieved total revenue of $3,864,000and net income was $309,120 with a GOP of $1,159,200 based on totalassets of $6,925,273

3. What is the solvency ratio for a hotel that had currentassets of $207,000, current liabilities of $185,000 total assets of$1050,000, owners equity of $400,000 and total liabilities andowners equity of $1050,000?

4. What is the number of times interest earned for a hotel thathad a gross operating profit of $21,150 per avaliable room? Thehotel had the following fixed charges on a per avaliable rommbasis: management fees $1803, rent, $2404, property taxes $1482,insurance $256, interest $4621, depreciation and amortization$3980, and other fixed charges $726.

5. What is the relative growth differencce in rooms revenue fora 205 room hotel that experinced an occupancy in 2006 of 80.4% and82.7% in 2005? The hotel achieved an average room rate in 2006 of$198.36 and $179.55 in 2005.

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