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question refer to the information in exercise 17 26 suppose that trendy uses the fif 4277087


Refer to the information in Exercise 17-26.

Suppose that Trendy uses the FIFO method instead of the weighted-average method in all of its departments. The only changes to Exercise 17-26 under the FIFO method are that total transferred-in costs of beginning work in process on June 1 are $ 45,000 ( instead of $ 60,000) and total transferred-in costs added during June are $ 114,000 ( instead of $ 117,000).

In Exercise 17-26, Trendy Clothing, Inc., is a manufacturer of winter clothes. It has a knitting department and a finishing department. This exercise focuses on the finishing department. Direct materials are added at the end of the process. Conversion costs are added evenly during the process. Trendy uses the weighted-average method of process costing. The following information for June 2014 is available.

Do Exercise 17-26 using the FIFO method. Note that you first need to calculate equivalent units of work done in the current period (for transferred-in costs, direct materials, and conversion costs) to complete beginning work in process, to start and complete new units, and to produce ending work inprocess.

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