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Rose Distributing Company's chart of accounts includes the following: No. 101 Cash, No. No. 120 Inventory, No. 201 Accounts Payable, No. 301 Owner's Capital, No. 401 Sales Revenue, No. 412 Sales Returns and Allowances, No. 414 Sales Discounts, No. 505 Cost of Goods Sold, and No. 644 Freight-Out Instructions (a) Journalize the transactions using a perpetual inventory system. (b) Enter the beginning cash and capital balances, and post the transactions, (Use JI for the journal reference.) (c) Prepare the income statement through gross profit for the month of April 2017 () Gross profit $6,655 Prepare financial statements and adjusting and closing entries, P5-3B Mackey Department Store is located near the Village Shopping Mall. At the end of the company's calendar year orn two of its trial balances December 31, 2017, the following accounts appeared in Lo 4,5) Unadjusted Adjusted Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Accumulated Depr-Buildings Accumulated Depr. Equipment29,600 Buildings Unadjusted Adjusted 75,000 75,000 80,000 80,000 176,600 176,600 28,000 28,000 ,600 4.800 s79,300 80,300 Inventory 50,300 Mortgage Payable 42,100 52,500 Owners Capital 42,900 Owner's Drawings 290,000 290,000 Prepaid Insurance 23,80023,800 412,700 412,700 Property Tax Expense Property Taxes Payable Salaries and Wages Expense Cost of Goods Sold Depreciation Expense Equipment Insurance Expense Interest Expense Interest Payable Interest Revenue 23,700 7,200 9,000 108,000108,000 0,20014,500 4,300 8,000 728,000 728,000 11,00012,000 110,000110,000 Sales Cor Sales Commissions Payable 3,000 12,000 Sales Returns and Allowances 4,000 4,000 Utilities Expense Sales Revenue (a) Net income $129,100 (a) Prepare a multiple-step income statement Owners capital $277,700 Total assets $456,100 ied balance-sheet $25,000-ef (bH (c) Jou tennis star, operates Diaz Tennis Shop at the Cedar Lake Resort. At the beginning of the current season, the ledger of Diaz Tennis Shop showed post, and trial balance.

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