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S2017 ACCT 205 SAP Project Journalise the following transactions Transactions 1 Jan Mr Rich an outsider investor invests in GB 60,000 2 Jan Purchase supplies on account 2,500 2-Jan Pay the rent per month is $5,000 5,000 on the building for the current month and for the next two months as well.Rent 15-Jan Purchase Office Supplies with Cash 22 Jan Pay for the Office Supplies 10,000 25-Jan Purchase a fixed asset equipment with a 10 year useful life Purchase raw materials to make the following products on account 55,000 25-Jan Road Helmet 25-Jan Repair Kit 25,000 25 Jan Off Road Helmet 15,000 25-Jan Knee Pad 31 Jan Compute depreciation on Asset using the SL method of depreciation Required Use an Excel spreadsheet.) Journalise the transactions Post them to T-accounts Take out a trial balance Exercise Due M 2017 when you come to class April 12 on 2 pages of answers

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