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question score 0 of 12 pts 2 of completed e3 31b similar to hw score 2 an accountant 4291153


Score: 0 of 12 pts 2 of completed E3-31B (similar to) HW Score: 2 An accountant made the folowing adjustments atDeoember 31, the end of the accounting period 0 cackte loon to view the adustments) Read the Requirements 1. Joumaize adjusting enties (Record debits frst, en aedis.Exoude explanations from any jouma erties) Prepaid insurance, beginning, sooo. Payments for insuranoe during the period, s2,400 Prepaid insurance ending saoo More info Journal Entry Prepaid insurance beginning 5000. Payments for insurance during the period, 2A00. Prepaid insurance, ending, sa00 b. Interest revenue aconued, $2300. unearned service revenue, beginning, S2000 Uneamed servicerevenue mployees' salaries owed for two days of a fveday work week woekly payroll, 17000. e, E Income before income tax, $26000 income tax rate is 36N 0 Requietants Jaumalze the adusting entries, choose from any ust or enter wy number inthe input fields and then clck Check Answer MacBook Air 80


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