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Seemore Lens Company (SLC) manufactures and sells contactlenses. For the year ended December 31, the company reportedInventory of $71,000 and Cost of Goods Sold of $422,000. a.Included in Inventory (and Accounts Payable) are $10,200 of lensesheld on consignment. b. Included in the Inventory balance are$5,100 of office supplies held in SLC’s warehouse. c. Excluded fromthe Inventory balance are $8,100 of lenses in the warehouse, readyto send to customers on January 1. SLC reported these lenses assold on December 31, at a price of $15,200. d. Included in theInventory balance are $3,050 of lenses that were damaged inDecember and will be scrapped in January, with no recoverablevalue. Required: For each item, (a–d), prepare the journal entry tocorrect the balances presently reported.


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