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question show me how lening entries with income meer all revenue and expense account 4290980


Show Me How lening entries with income Meer all revenue and expense accounts have been dosed at the end of the thealetar. Income ammaor has a debit of S3s5,600 and a aedt of sHI )00. At same date, petra Nen, capital has a oedt iM9.000, and Debra Aaen, Drawing has a balance san,soo. balance of (a) Determine the amount of Debra Alev Captal at the end of the penod. fa) Joumaine the entries reguined to complete the couing of the aceeunen en Deeember As work saved General Fees Eamel 11 Cash 3Prepaid insurance EXPENSES salaries and wages s2 Advertsing Expense sr insurance Eorme 22 salaries and wages Demmine Me amount of Debra Alim


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